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Writing tips regarding living the life of a writer. Have questions about creating a platform? Pitching your story? Finding time to write? Understanding the way a writer's brain works? Then you're in luck. You can find all of that information here.

Writer's Platform and Publishing Tips: 

Format a Magazine Subscription in 15 Steps

9 Steps to Picking the Perfect Twitter Handle

Tips for Writing an Awesome Logline for Your Book

Heavyweight Titles: 5 Tips for Creating a Good Book Title

Tips for Writing an Awesome Jacket Blurb

11 Tips for Building a Successful Writer's Platform

How to Use Blogging for Your Writer's Platform

7 Tips for Getting Started With Indie Publishing

6 Tips for Novel and eBook Formatting With Indie Publishing

5 Tips for Pricing and Distribution With Indie Publishing

Building Your Writing Platform: 13 Tips for Winning at Twitter

Inside a Writer's Life: 

10 Things to Know About Being a Writer

12 Ridiculous Questions Non-Writers Ask Writers

10 Reasons Why Writers Aren't the Weird Ones

What The 5-Star Rating System Means

Inside the Creative's Mind: What You Need to Know

5 Steps to Fighting Off Writer's Insecurity

Why Writers Should Strive to Be More Like Batman

14 Signs That You Are Turning Into a Writer

7 Tips for Balancing Writing with the Rest of Life

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

The Pros and Cons of Being A Geek and A Writer

12 Writing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

How to Stay Motivated to Write When Life Gets Hard


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