Writing Development

When a person spends years obsessing over learning about writing, they're bound to picked up a few things. On this page I share tricks I've discovered while writing my books, so feel free to browse this page for tips on how to develop and hone your writing style and process.

Also, because I can't help myself, all of these articles are sprinkled with sarcasm and nerd references. You're welcome.

The Creative Process: 

9 Ways to Use Reading to Improve Your Writing

How (and Why) You Should Become a Scheduled Writer

Guest Post by S.M. Metzler: Writing to Filmscores

Stealing From vs. Being Inspired by Other Writers

11 Songs to Listen to While Writing Moving Scenes

6 Easy Techniques for Gaining Writing Inspiration

10 Songs to Listen to While Writing Action Scenes

10 Ways to Make Your Writing Time More Productive

Songs for Writing Sweet/Romantic Scenes

5 Reasons An Avenger-Style Writing Team is Important

"Write What You Know." How To Apply This Advice

Story and Style Development:

Guest Post: 5 Tips for Writing Natural Dialogue

When and How to Murder Your Darlings

7 Tips for Writing Emotion Into Your Story

8 Tips for Developing a Strong Theme for Your Novel

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Character Death

6 Reasons You Should Write Short Stories

7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Writing Sarcastically

The 10 Commandments of Writing

8 Tips to Improve Your Descriptive Writing

9 Different Descriptive Settings for Your Fantasy Novel

7 Tips to Writing Dark Fiction Worth Reading

Tips for Writing a Non-Evil Prologue

9 Epic, Underused Mythical Animals for Your Fantasy Novel

How to Identify and Obliterate Sexism in Your Novel

7 Tips for Writing in Deep POV

10 Points to Think About When World-Building

Using Context and Subtext to Raise the Stakes in Your Story

How to Effectively Write from Multiple POVs

9 Tips for Handling Violence in Your Stories

The Editing Process:

Learning How to Control Your Plot Bunnies

How to Know When to Stop Editing Your Novel

5 Steps to Fighting Off Writer's Insecurity

Keeping it Classy: Using Profanity in Fiction Writing

What to do When Your Story Bogs Down

Tips for Deciding Whether to Ditch Your WIP

Genre Writing:

Eight Stereotypes in YA Dystopian Novels

Romance in YA Novels: The Do's and Don'ts

Guest Post: Tips for Writing Stunning Sci-Fi

Problems in the Christian Fiction Genre

On The Alarming Rise of Creeper Romance in YA Fiction

Tips for Crafting the Ultimate Dystopian Setting

6 Problems with "Edgy" YA Fiction And How to Fix It

Book Recommendations for Writers:

Great Self-Published Books You Should Read (Part 1)

12 Manga and Comic Books Worth Reading (Part 1)

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