Friday, October 25, 2019

Factoid Friday #2: Jumping in Theme-First

When I was just starting out as an author, I heard a lot of people (both writers and readers) saying that you should never build a story around a theme. I was told that, unless I wanted to write preachy message-fiction, the story's theme should take a backseat during the creation process.

So, being the good, obedient person that I am, I decided to take that advice and throw it completely out the window. And then light it on fire for good measure.

The one exception to this is Skies of Dripping Gold. That story started out with a plot (a character trying to climb his way to heaven) and a theme (faith through pain, trust in God over trust in self). The characters and the world-building all came later.

What story components do you decide on first? Which ones do you fit in afterwards?

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  1. I usually start with some form of plot twist or surprise. I love a reveal, I guess.

  2. I normally start with a character that comes to mind and then a theme or plot depends on the character... either they're telling me something they've learned or something they've gone through lol I begin building the world after i get the gist of whats suppose to occur.

  3. I had a lot of trouble coming up with my characters and themes that I wanted to center around until I had a central theme to work with. I was lucky enough to have come up with plot threads that went along with the theme that the process of coming up with a theme was not too jarring.

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