Friday, September 13, 2019

#ChatWithHannah Ep 18: Tropes in YA Fiction That Need To Die

I have a complicated relationship with YA fiction. I love it so much, yet there are certain tropes that really just need to be killed with fire. Let's talk about annoying or problematic tropes in YA fiction and why they need to die.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite YA fiction tropes and why? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I completely agree with your thoughts- I hate all these tropes as well. Some other ya tropes that need to die, imho- 1. The protag not realising that a side character loves them even when blind, deaf babies could figure that out. 2.Love at first sight 3.Majorly romantic subplots 4.Romantic subplots that are nothing but heterosexual wish fulfilment with a character's crush kissing them in the heat of the battle or something 5.Doormat villains or villains who're bad for the sake of it or at most have a couple paragraphs thrown in about their abusive childhood. Unless the villain is a supernatural creature or something, we writers really need to develop their villains as well along with their heroes.

  2. "Kill it with fire..." Me every time I see a huge, ugly bug. I actually wrote a blog post recently about "Bugzilla". (it was HUGE)
    Okay, one of my stories involves a lot of teenagers who are orphaned, got separated from their parents, or left because their parents were bad. Uh...
    I have a couple of people who met as kids in an orphanage and consider each other as siblings. I have no plans to make them fall in love, because that seems incredibly weird to me, too.
    "And you want all of the characters to die alone." XD Yeah, I once read a story that was very much like that. I thought the story would be greatly improved if both of the guys fell off a cliff and died a horrible death.

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  4. Would it be better if the child went off and did their own thing and does have abusive parents, but the parents-- at the time the kid runs off-- is actually trying to reconcile for that abuse?


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