Wednesday, February 7, 2018

All About WriteOnCon: An Epic Online Writing Conference You Should Attend

WritOnCon is an amazing and affordable online writing conference happening from 02/09-02/11. In this video, I tell you all about it: How it works, why you should attend, where you can register, and how to get the most out of the event. I'm the Live Events Coordinator for WriteOnCon, so I know what I'm talking about (which is very rare, so you'll want to watch this video just for that): 
Sound like something you'd like to attend? Awesome instinct! You can register here
And don't forget to spread the news about WriteOnCon so all your writer friends can get in on the action! 

Here are all the promised links mentioned in the above video: 

Going to attend this event? Comment below so I can look for you in the forums and comments sections to say hello! 


  1. This sounds like a very helpful (and fun!) event, Hannah! I've never heard of it before now, and I have to say I'm a bit surprised that I haven't.

    I looked over the schedule, and I was wondering: I'm an aspiring graphic novelist, are there any events that you could possibly recommend I don't miss?

    1. Hi Mae! I'm so excited that you're joining in the fun! Great question. We don't have any events specifically for graphic novelists, but we do have quite a few panels for the aspiring writer in general. So here's a list of those that I think you may enjoy:

      Kendra Levin's "How to Balance Writing and Life, Stop Procrastinating, and Get Focused" on Friday.
      Either of Alyssa Hollingsworth's Workshops will be amazing.
      Mary Kole's "Writing Craft – Dialog, Description and Descriptive Action" on Saturday.
      If you write spec fic, then Sarah Raasch's (Worldbuilding) or Gail Carson Levine's (Craft, Fantasy, and POV) Q&As are musts...they're each literary legends in their own way, so I'm sure they'll have lots of good info.

      And those are the ones that I can recommend off the top of my head. They all look great, but I'm familiar with the above authors and am sure they'll have some amazing help to offer. You may find any of the picture book panels helpful, too, but of course graphic novels are different from picture books, so I'm not sure. =)

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    2. Thank you so much, Hannah!

      I signed up this morning, so far it's been very informative. I'm waiting for the Q&A with Kendra to start now :)

  2. Posting on my blog for tomorrow! I am going to try and attend. I have a crazy busy weekend. Is there going to be a "your time" to watch the conference?

  3. I signed up for the extended - I have you scheduled on my blog for tomorrow! I shared your video because you cover everthing :)

  4. So excited to be a part of an event specifically for Kidlit/Middle Grade/YA writers. It's so awkward to write MG and go to events where everyone's a "grown up" writer/professional.

    And I gotta say, I'm so tempted by the swag shop... it would go so great with my NaNoWriMo stuff.


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