Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ep 5 of #ChatWithIndieAuthor: J.E. Purrazzi

J.E Purrazzi writes speculative fiction and is the author of the thrilling and thought-provoking Malfunction universe, as well as the brand-new Raventree Society series. On top of that, she is a fellow Phoenix Fiction Writer. So, to put it simply: She's awesome. In this video, she discusses writing about difficult topics, researching for her cyberpunk series, writing from multiple POVs, and more!

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The first episode of The Raventree Society released on 01/23, so go grab yourself a copy! Especially if you’re a fan of CW’s Supernatural.

Want to check out the recommended reads page that she mentions in the video? Click here.

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When is the next #ChatWithIndieAuthor episode? What an astute question. Wednesday, February 28th will bring us a chat with sci-fi author S. Alex Martin. Have questions for him? Leave a comment below or on social media using the hashtag!

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