Monday, May 11, 2015

Tumor Troubles Introduction

    If your mom came into the living room to tell you that you had a brain tumor, would you freak out? I did. I hyperventilated. I wondered if I was going to die. Most of all, I wondered why this happened...
     Hi, I'm Caroline. Thanks to Hannah Heath's splendid generosity, I will get the chance to do a three- part series of blogs about my journey as a tumor teen. That's right- I'm sixteen years old and I have a pituitary tumor that probably isn't going anywhere.  Like the stink of your feet, it's stuck there. Most days I sit and cry and wonder what's going to happen. On my better days- which are starting to increase- I see the silver lining and know that someday, somehow, God will make this better. I may not be a Bethany Hamilton, but I can at least be a light. Hopefully, that's enough. :)
   So, by now, you're probably asking this question, "What's with Emojis?"
     If you read my blog, you'll notice that I don't have a single post on my tumor. I have studying tips, organization ideas, and even a couple poems which I publish on Teen Ink. But I don't have one on my tumor. It just doesn't belong there. I want my viewers to focus on universal issues that are hard to deal with. Right now, I'm doing the basic cheesy stuff. Bullying, studying, school violence, you get the gist. But this week, I'll start posting on divorce, break-ups, teen pregnancy, HUGE issues that deserve discussion. But not my tumor. And here's why:
   Whenever I talk about my condition in school (Yep, I go there, too), kids get kind of silent and don't say anything. They just... cloud up. The light from their eyes turns grey and it soon takes over their whole body. It's hard for them to understand. They don't experience it a lot. And often, they change the subject before long to something meaningless like Taco Bell's latest feature or the annoying stain on their pants. If that happens in school, i don't want it happening on my blog. I want my viewers to hear what I have to say and not want to leave the conversation. I want them to crave what I have to say. Since Hannah talks about being a lymie here (Not fun, either, I may add), I knew that I could safely discuss my condition. You're interested in the world of doctors. You want to know who you can trust with what and the reality behind serious medical conditions. So open your eyes and ears, because I have a lot to say...
  Tune in soon to Tumor Troubles to read how Caroline learned about her tumor and how God helped her through it. Take care!


  1. Brave Caroline! I wish you many more better days :) I'll tune in again to read your story. Thanks, Hannah <3

    1. Thank you very much! I look forward to writing it!How sweet. <3


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