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Because I like you, I thought it would be nice to make it easy for you to find all of the items I have ever featured on my blog: books, mugs, t-shirts, movies, or other nerdy or writerly objects. Now you can start a collection of paraphernalia that will make me proud.

Previous Books of the Month

What are books of the month? Exactly what they sound like: Books that have sat in my sidebar for an entire month, then been featured in a post where I create recipes or crafts inspired by them. You can see the recipe posts by clicking here and the craft posts by clicking here.

Magnificent Mugs

Mugs, as in objects you drink liquid from. Not faces. Though now that makes me want to have a fan art section. Anyway, here are all of the mugs I've put in posts or featured in my "Recommended for Readers of this Blog" section of my sidebar. 

Shapely Shirts

Why shapely? Because I couldn't find another adjective that goes with "Shirts." Here are all of the t-shirts featured in my sidebar, in my posts, or perhaps one that I was wearing in one of the rare pictures of myself that sometimes end up on my blog. 

Favorite Funko Pop Bobbleheads

I'm really obsessed with these, so they end up being featured in my sidebar quite often. I mean, why wouldn't they be? Look at them: 

Brilliant Books 

Books that haven't been books of the month, but were either featured in the sidebar or highly praised in a blog post. 

Fantastic Films

Movies or TV shows I've mentioned directly in blog posts. I'd also list the movies and TV shows I've referenced in my posts, but we both know that that would take several years to both put into this post and read. Plus, that takes the fun out of making you wonder: "Did she just reference....?" 

Perfect Paraphernalia 

And there you have it. This page will just continue to grow and grow, so if you're ever wondering what book to read next or what gift to get for that nerdy writer friend of yours, check back here.

Have you seen something fun you think would go well in my sidebar or on this page? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hey! I was super curious, have you ever read the books that follow "A Wrinkle in Time"? I loved the first book and got super stoked that there were more, but have yet to read them. I'd love to hear you opinion on them if you've read them!

    1. Ah! So sorry for the late response: Yes, I have read some of the Wrinkle in Time sequels. Book 2 was good. Though book 3 is very different from the first two, I remember liking it because I found the science fun. I remember not enjoying or even finishing book 4, though I can't recall why. I didn't read the 5th. =) Hope this helps!

    2. What are the names of 4 and 5? I've read the first 3 and I never knew there were 2 more!! I'm really interested in reading them!

    3. Sorry for and even later response! Thanks! haha if I ever get the time to read again (#SAT life) I will definitely check out at least the second book!


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