Friday, February 8, 2019

Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Logo Design Process

Ever wonder what it's like to work with a graphic artist? Well, today's your lucky day. Get a behind-the-scenes look at my logo design process with graphic artist Cayre.

I’m a bit of a control freak. Actually, I’m a total control freak. When it comes to my indie author life, this means that I like to do everything myself: Cover design, formatting, web design, character art, etc.

So, of course, when I decided to redesign my logo I thought, “Hey, I’ll do it myself.”

Yeah. Well. Turns out that designing a logo is a lot harder than it looks.

I swallowed my pride, shoved my control-freak attitude into a corner, and decided to higher a graphic artist to do the hard work for me. Here’s what that process was like:

Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Logo Design Process

Choosing a graphic artist

This was super easy for me. I knew I wanted to work with Cayre Art for a few reasons:
  • Her art style was compatible with my brand. I wanted to choose somebody who could design something that looked similar to my book cover art: Bold colors, black outlines, nothing cutesy. Yes, good artists can generally work outside of their typical art style, but I figured it was best to pick somebody who was already an expert in what I was looking for.
  • She supports the writing community. I like to work with people who support the writing community (specifically the indie author community). I’ve been following Cayre online and have loved seeing how encouraging she is to fellow writers. 
  • She’s just super awesome. We’d interacted a lot on social media previous to me hiring her, so I knew that I liked her. Plus, she donates a portion of her earnings to some of my favorite charities, so that’s super cool.


I had never hired a graphic artist before, so I reached out to Cayre to learn what exactly the process is. She kindly explained everything to me without laughing at my newbie-ness. Then we jumped right in:

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