Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#ChatWithHannah Ep 9: On Writing About Tough Topics, The Batman Mentality, and More

Today we talk about writing on topics like drug addiction, how to know if your story needs more characters, the "Because I’m Batman" mentality, how reading influences my writing, and more. I also mentioned 3 older books I like that aren’t particularly good, but have amazing covers.
Yes, this video is longer than usual. Sorry. Ish. It was a good video, though. Right? Right??

Not-recommended older books that aren’t super great, but have cool covers (shush, that’s a genre now):

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  1. Hey, I really enjoyed the video! Interesting range of topics.
    I didn't actually realise the desert elves cut themselves to leave memory scars; I thought it was some kind of magical phenomenon.
    Also, I think it's great that you would consider writing a pro-life apologetics book! I'd definitely read it. It's a topic I'm passionate about as well.

  2. This video was a lot of fun. So many great questions!

    Loved what you said about digging deeper and being intentional. The first draft I'm editing was waaaaay too surface-level and it's taking a lot of time to go in and rewrite it. I'm learning the hard way, I guess :/


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