Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#ChatWithHannah Ep 7: Batman, Large Character Casts, and Concise Short Stories

Today we talk about favorite blog posts, writing large casts of characters, selling books at conventions, writer’s block, and how to stay concise with short story writing. On top of that, I also get to discuss nerdy topics such as which Batman comic I’d like to adapt into a movie.
Blog posts mentioned:
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Recommended children’s books:
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The #ChatWithIndieAuthor interview with J.E. Purrazzi will be up on January 24th, so keep an eye out because its a really neat chat.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Hannah for all the tips!
    I hadn't thought of using character tags, that could really help.

    And yes, only two main viewpoint characters out of the thirteen. :)

    Also congrats on your comic con appearance! I hope you sell lots of books!

    Also, I love your Captain Marvel shirt! Such an underrated hero!

    Love Winnie the Pooh, and You are Special! Haven't heard of The Kingdom Comes, but will look it up, sounds awesome!

    I also loved these children's books growing up, sorry I don't have their authors names, I don't have them near me at the moment--
    The Girl who loved Wild Horses.
    A Bad Case of Stripes.
    Never tease a Weasel.
    The Story About Ping.
    Mirette on the High Wire.
    Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes.
    Mrs. Katz and Tush.

    Can't wait to read your new books!

    Sincerely, Emilie.


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