Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#ChatWithHannah Ep 6: Taking Writing Advice, Blogging Tips, and More

Today we talk about fantasy world building, writing Christian characters, keeping your story from being boring, showing character’s emotions without going overboard, how to decide when to take or leave writing advice, tips for starting a blog, and favorite C.S. Lewis books. Yep. Lots of topics. Let's get to it:
As for my announcements, you need to go check out the Phoenix Fiction Writers. We're super cool. Not to brag or anything. Website and Youtube.

Oh, and here's information about The Terebinth Tree Chronicles releasing on 02/02/2018. Awesome, right?

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Recommended classic fiction novels:
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  1. Thanks so much for answering my question, Hannah. That was a really helpful explanation. (I took notes.) Funny thing is I actually wrote in my very first outline for this character, "He treats everyone with the utmost respect and strongly believes that it is important to respect everyone regardless of their social status." So I guess I was on the right track.
    Also, I love your shirt. Luna is my favorite fictional person.

  2. Hi Hannah!
    Thank you for your tips and for replying to my question about your C.S.Lewis recommendations!
    Heading to the library to read them now.

    Also, I wondered-- do you have any advice on writing/handling a large cast of characters?
    I'm closing in on around thirteen mainish characters, including villains, and am wondering if there are any tips to remember while writing about so many.?

    Thank you in advance! And I hope you had a nice Christmas!
    Sincerely, Emilie.


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