Saturday, July 1, 2017

Reader's Corner Explained

I see you're interested in Reader's Corner. Pull up a chair. Let me explain it to you.

Reader's Corner is a place where indie authors can advertise their amazing novels to equally amazing readers who are looking for their next good story.

Now, not just any book can have a spot in Reader's Corner. Why? Because this is my blog and I do what I want.

Just kidding. I actually have a more professional reason: I love my blog and I love my readers. Because of this, I do not want ads on my blog that do not align with the ideals held on this blog. Nor do I want ads that harm my followers.

So how do I keep this from happening? Rules. They are as follow:

Rule #1: The books needs to be indie published. This means: It was self-published or published through an indie publishing house. Reader's Corner is meant to promote authors who don't have the marketing power that comes with being backed by a large publishing house.

Rule #2: I need to read the book that is being advertised. As a potential advertiser, you'll need to send me a copy of your story (ebook or physical...whichever is most convenient for you). I will then read it and, if it aligns with the ideals of this blog, it will be approved for a spot on my site. You can contact me here if you want to submit a book.

      Not sure if your book aligns with this blog's ideals? Here are the general guidelines:

  1. No sexual content. Romance is fine. Kissing is fine. Sexual content is not. This means no sex scenes, foreplay, etc. If it would qualify for a PG-13 rating due to sex, it won't be allowed here. If you have something in your story that makes you question whether it qualifies as sexual content: It probably does. But you can absolutely double check with me just in case. 
  2. Unnecessary language. To learn about this blog's view on profanity in literature, click here. PG language is preferred, but it's understood that sometimes brief strong language is needed to set the mood for a story. That is acceptable. As a guideline: Think about the language used in The Avengers movies. Anything that goes above that in intensity and frequency will probably be rejected. Again, if you're unsure, just contact me and give me the foul language count. We'll go from there. 
  3. Unnecessary darkness. To read about how darkness in fiction is viewed on this blog, read this article and play special attention to tips 1, 2, and 4. As long as the darkness in your story has a purpose and isn't just depraved, it should be fine. 
If your book violates any of these, please don't bother contacting me and asking me to read your book. You don't want to spend resources sending me a copy of a book that won't be approved. 

Rule #3: I need to give the book a minimum of 3 stars. This is for my followers. It allows them to know that, if a book is showing up in the Reader's Corner, buying it and reading it isn't a waste of time and money. It also benefits you as an author because, if my readers trust that the books advertised here are good, they're more likely to purchase your story. 

      Not sure what earns 3 stars? That's okay. It differs from reviewer to reviewer. For me, it means this: This story had some problems. Maybe the writing style isn't great. Maybe there are some plot holes, problems with character development, or pacing issues. Maybe the editing isn't super thorough. However, there were at least a few things that this story was doing correctly: Maybe one particular concept (plot, characters, writing) is excellent. Maybe the message is good. Maybe the characters, world-building, series, or author has potential. It had enough upside to it that I would read more by the author. 

Rule #4: You need to be okay with not being approved. I really don't see this being a problem because I don't see myself having to reject a lot of books. However, if yours is rejected, please don't take it personally. 

And that's it. Just 4 rules. Not so bad, right? If you want to see your book in Reader's Corner, read on: 

All ads are sold through Beacon Ads. This means you'll need to set up a Beacon Ads account. It's easy and free, so don't be afraid. 

Your ad will be your book cover. The dimensions are 180 x 288 pixels. That's an aspect ratio of 8:5, which means that height of the image is 1.6 times the width. This is the golden ratio for book sizes, so your cover image is probably already in that dimension and shouldn't be too difficult to shrink it down, like so:
As for the pricing: Click here to see how much each space is sold for. Currently, I'm selling each space for a fixed 30-day rate rather than charging per 1,000 impressions. This may change in a few months, which could result in a slight price hike, so it would be smart to jump in now. 

What do you think? Do you want your book in Reader's Corner? Yes? Well then:

If I have already read your book and given it 3 stars or more: Get started! Sign up with Beacon Ads and buy a spot.

If I haven't read your book yet, but you're interested in a spot: Yay! Contact me and we'll get this ball rolling!

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