Friday, March 18, 2016

If I Had a Million Dollars | A Writers Tag

The other day something really crazy happened. I was out for a walk at the beach, trying to figure out how to rewrite the first chapter of my book. Suddenly, a guy in a suit walked up to me and said, "Hannah Heath, you're great-great uncle in Spain just died."

"But I don't have a great-great uncle in Spain...."

"You are his sole beneficiary. He left you this."

He then dropped a duffle bag at my feet and walked off. I opened the bag and found...1 million dollars!

Okay, so that's not a true story. Bummer, right? What is a true story is that the ever-brilliant Raychel Rose tagged me to participate in the "If I Had a Million Dollars" tag. So I get to pretend that I really do have a great-great Spanish uncle (not sure why he's Spanish, but he is) who died and left me a million dollars. Here are 10 writing-related things that I'd do with it:
1. Buy a new computer. In case you don't follow me on social media, you should know: My lap top is constantly giving me problems. It's about as annoying and as hate-able as Jar Jar Binks and Professor Umbridge combined. So I'd hit it with a baseball bat, chuck it out the window, burn it, and spit on the ashes. Did I mention that I hate this lap top? I'd then buy two new ones: A desktop computer with two monitors and a small, portable laptop.

2. Get a writing room + library. One wall would be floor-to-ceiling whiteboard. One wall would be cork board so I could hang up posters of my favorite characters and book art. The third wall would be a window seat overlooking the ocean....Or my own personal lake. I'm not picky. The fourth wall would be a bookshelf that has a hidden door that opens into a massive library. Like this:
And I don't need it to come with a built-in beast prince boyfriend. Pizza would be fine. 

3. Buy all the books. If I'm going to have a library, I'm going to need books. All of them. The classics, the mangas, the indie-published novels, everything that C.S. Lewis ever wrote. I'd also get to finally start a comic book collection.

4. Take a year off of work and college to travel. I'd visit Hobbiton in New Zealand, stop by every famous surf spot and go to every tropical island I could think of. Then I'd tour England, Spain, and France. I've always wanted to go to Cinque Terre. And of course I'd have my lap top with me (one that actually works), so I'd get to write all of the time. 

5. Take graphic design, coding, and marketing classes. I'd use this to get out there and build my writer's platform even more. I wouldn't pay somebody to do this for me because I am a control freak like being able to do things myself. 

6. Start up an author's guild. I'd like to bring together a group of authors dedicated to revolutionizing the publishing world by writing meaningful, inspiring, and entertaining stories. We'd set up a website and blog encouraging other writers to do the same, go on speaking tours explaining our mission, and do writing workshops and support groups. We'd also set up a program at as many libraries as possible, encouraging people (especially kids and teenagers) to read good, wholesome stories and helping them find encouragement through the written word. It'd be a book club, reading class, and mission work, all wrapped into one. 

7. Start a podcast. This is something I've really been wanting to do. I'd be able to buy the correct recording and editing software and then boom! Here comes a podcast full of writing tips, news, book/movie reviews, and nerdiness. It'd be fun. 

8. Nerd out. I'd go to the San Diego Comic-Con, Harry Potter World, Disney World, go and see all the superhero and action-adventure movies as soon as they're released, then talk about it on my newly created podcast. I'd buy a bunch of fandom mugs, purses, t-shirts, and movies. I mean, doesn't everyone want a purse with a bounty hunter's helmet on it? 

9. Become a superhero. I'd hack into people's social media accounts and correct their spelling, bring plagiarizers to justice, and visit authors in the middle of the night and scare them into writing stories that aren't empty and meaningless. Okay, so maybe a million bucks isn't enough to go all Oliver Queen on people. Also, on second thought, I spend most of my nights reading, so fighting crime would take away my bookworm time. Yeah. Never mind. I'd make the world's worst superhero. 

10. Buy all the books. Did I mention this one already? Because seriously. BOOKS. 

And there you have it. 10 things I'd do with a million dollars. Though, honestly, if I did somehow get my hands on a million dollars, I probably wouldn't do anything like that. I'd be boringly responsible and put most of it in savings, donate to my church, pay off Lyme treatment bills, buy something practical (like a car), have one heyday at the bookstore, and then lock it all up for my college fund and retirement. Yeah. Live dangerously.  

Okay, now I'm going to pick a couple of people to participate. If you are named and don't want to do it, that's fine. It will only break my heart into a million pieces. And if you aren't named and do want to do it, that's fine too. Here we go: 

Maggie from Maggie's Musings

I usually tag more people than this, but I'm only doing the above three for two reasons: I'm trying not to tag the same people repeatedly. Also, I want you to have time to check out all of their blogs and get to know them, because they're super fun. 

The rules? There are 4: 
  1. Save this photo to your blog: 
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you (in this case, me), and link back to Raychel Rose's blog, too, because she created this tag. While you're at it, you might as well follow her. She's epic. 
  3. List 10 writerly things you would do if you had a million dollars. They can be funny, serious, both, neither. You choose. 
  4. Tag other writer's to participate! 
What writerly things would YOU do if you had a million dollars? Leave your thoughts below! 


  1. As your friendly coworker and building inspector, I have to inform you that your library is a serious fire hazard. How do you plan to mitigate this issue? Fire Sprinklers? Non-combustible building materials? I have concerns........ hehe. Love all the great ideas too, very creative! But, I don't want a purse with a bounty hunters helmet on it.... maybe a satchel though =D

    1. Hmmm. Well, I was thinking just don't bring a candle in there, but fire sprinklers is a good plan, too.
      Bounty Hunter satchel would rock. "It's not a purse, it's a knapsack!" =D Glad you liked the post!

  2. Great list! I'd second #1 through #4, especially the new laptop. Mine has been overheating for a while. I fear every morning one day it's not going to turn on. Backing up has become a weekly appointment. lol

  3. Awww, I'm freaking out because this the first time I've ever been blog tagged. Looks fun!
    I'll try to get it in after this series Im working on. ☺️

  4. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for the tag! It really made my day today. I'm so excited to do it!

    Also, your list is super awesome. I would LOVE a reading/writing room, though I think mine would have to have a big whiteboard for sketching out story ideas. And I would love being able to travel for a year. Not only would it be fun, but I'm sure it'd work for book research too, haha.

  5. Ahhh... I love this, Hannah! There are SO MANY bookish things one could do with a million dollars!! A few of mine would include installing a library/study for myself, buying a nice camera for my bookstagraming, buying a new laptop, traveling, & buying ALL THE BOOKS!! :D

    P.S. I would TOTALLY partner with you on the podcast... One day! <3

  6. THIS TAG IS AMAZING. I love most all your ideas! I would definitely buy a ton of LOTR merch, and bookish t-shirts, and build a giant library. AND BUY ALL THE BOOKS.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  7. Well, can I be your best friend while you're doing all this wonderful things? And can I PLEASE take along to New Zealand??? 'Cause, I mean, Hobbiton!


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