Friday, August 21, 2015

9 Songs to Listen to While Writing Sweet/Romantic Scenes

I started writing stories when I was about 8 years old. If you had told me then that I would end up writing books with a romance element, I would have laughed in your face. But here I am, getting ready to write some (slightly) romantic and sweet scenes into my second book.

Being the girl who’s a fan of action thrillers and would rather be shot than watch the entire BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (I did that once, but never again), I’m not exactly the type to be penning romance. And I wasn’t about to sit down and read an entire romance novel just to get in the mood. So I decided to put together a playlist to help me think.

As explained here, my playlists are always comprised of filmscores or instrumentals because my attention span is about as good as Dory’s from Finding Nemo (I have the vague idea that I've cracked that joke on here before, but I can't remember...) and the lyrics distract me.

Anyway, I found that this list helped me focus and get in the mood for writing romance. Instead of staring at a blinking cursor, which is what kept happening previously, I was able to clunk out the entire scene without problems. Pretty awesome, right? If only we could discover a playlist that worked like that for the rest of our daily lives….
This list is a bit eclectic. I went for a more upbeat, sweet kind of theme, so it's a funny mix of slightly sappy, bright, and fast songs that are heavier in the piano/violin/cello area. It's geared towards YA romance:
  1. A Thousand Years from Twilight. This version is by The Piano Guys, who I love.
  2. Northbound Train from North & South
  3. Without You cover by The Piano Guys. Yes, I have a slight obsession with these people. 
  4. Sayuri's Theme from Memoirs of a Geisha
  5. Married Life from The Saddest Movie on Earth....Also known as 'Up.' 
  6. Wake Me Up cover by 2Cellos. Not technically romance, but close enough. Plus, it's a favorite of mine, so I wanted to put it in there. 
  7. Rivers Flow in You by Lindsay Stirling 
  8. Across the Stars from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
  9. See You Again cover by Brooklyn Duo.  
I created a playlist on Youtube (which you can find here), so you can just click a link and get to writing. How thoughtful of me. 

What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing? If you can think of any more good romance filmscores/instrumentals to listen to, leave a comment below! I'd love to hear what kind of songs you guys like.

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  1. I like The Piano Guys too!! :) It's an interesting playlist, Hannah - I'll have to listen to songs I don't know for sure. Happy Sunday!

    1. They're awesome, right? Thanks for the comment!

  2. Love this! I don't know why, but lately I've been obsessed with Paul Walker. I've never watched ANY of his movies, and I hadn't even heard his name until after his death, but something about him really stuck to me. He seems like he was a genuinely nice guy. Anyway, "See You Again" (The song was dedicated to him) has been my jam a lot lately. I almost laughed when I saw it on here. Great as usual, Hannah!

    1. I did not know that about "See You Again!" That's very cool. Glad you like the list!

  3. Oh, and I agree about "Up", too. That was the cruelest thing Disney has ever done to its audience. I thought I was the only one!

  4. Thank you for the list. Music takes a person deeper and that's where I want my writing to go.

    1. Exactly. That's a perfect way to phrase it! I hope this list helps you take your writing where you want it.

  5. My two favorite love songs are "I Won't Let Go" by Rascall Flatts, and "Last Train Home" by Ryan Starr.

    1. Awesome. I love pretty much every song by Rascal Flatts. =)

  6. The. Piano. Guys. Rock! I love them!
    Another great song is Anticipation by Secret Garden. It's very sweet.


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