Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Nerdy Battle of the Five Armies Viewing

What happens when three semi-vegan writers (who happen to be Tolkien nerds) get together and see the last Hobbit? Well, that’s a question my friends and I answered on Monday the 22nd.

In response to my Battle of the Five Armies blog challenge, I got together two of my friends for a Hobbiton brunch and The Battle of the Five Armies viewing at our local theater. And these aren’t just any friends. All of us have read LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit, two of us have read The Silmarillion, one of us knows the history of Middle Earth probably more that Peter Jackson himself, one of us knows the LOTR movie by heart (that would be me), and the other one of us can play most of the LOTR soundtrack on the piano. We are all three writers, two of us with completed novels, the other with possibly the most amazing sci-fi/fantasy idea ever known to mankind. We all are bookworms to the point of insanity…I’m pretty sure that collectively, we read about 250 books a year.

In short, we are nerds. And when we get together to see the last Hobbit, we do it right.

First, we dressed up as our favorite characters. 

I wanted to be Fili, but because I don’t have long hair or a beard, I decided to go with Bilbo instead. Sorry for the sliver of a picture. My eyes are closed in the only photo with me standing by myself, so I had to crop a group picture. Typical Hannah mistake. At least it makes me look a bit taller than usual:

Abby, our Tolkien expert, went with Thorin. She even has his key:

Susannah dressed as a nameless she-elf. Well, she did give her LOTR character a name, but I am not going to tell you what it is, partly because I’m pretty sure she is going to use it as a future book character name and I don’t want to spoil it for her, but mostly because I’m not quite sure how to spell it: 

And of course we had to have a meal inspired from foods that appeared in The Hobbit.  We ate the meal around 10, so I’m not sure whether to call it Second Breakfast or Elevenses. Whatever its proper name, Bilbo Baggins would have been proud, as I made far too much food and nobody broke any plates (which is not saying much, since they were plastic), nor did anyone bend any forks.

I made some food inspired by the scene where Thorin's company is leaving Beorn's dwelling:

Bilbo's seed cakes were present: 

And, the favorite dish of the day, Apple Tart: 

Of course there was more food than that, but I will talk about those in my next blog post. I will also be giving the recipe for the three dishes I mentioned above, so if you like super tasty (and gluten-free/semi-vegan) food, then you'll want to stick around till then. I will probably release them in about five days.

After we finished eating, us three nerds were off to the theater. We decided to try bringing in walking stick, half sure that the movie people would not let us in with them. But we thought it would be funny if they tried to take them from us because then we could say something like, “You would not part us helpless girls from our walking sticks.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you happen to be a normal human being who does not fancy being stopped by security), nobody tried to take our staffs away from us. Actually, we only got two weird/curious looks. We did, however, get a comment from some 70 year old ladies who thought we looked extremely fun and wanted to know if we were going to “an event.”

Now, I had actually seen The Battle of the Five Armies with my brother prior to this “event” and was extremely disappointed with how it was done. It felt rushed, a bit underdeveloped, and I was extremely unhappy with the way they killed off one of my favorite characters. 

However, I was expecting this character to be killed off, unlike the woman who was sitting next to us. She kept commenting to her boyfriend in shocked whispers, “Wait, they can’t kill him!” or asking “Is that one going to die too?”

Yes lady, that one is going to die too. Along with several of the other characters. If you had read the book, you would have been prepared like me. But, if you had read the book like me, you would have not had preconceived notions about this movie and walked away disappointed, like I did.

Anyway, I didn’t tell my friends that I had disliked the movie, deciding to suck it up and watch it again because there were several scenes that I had actually enjoyed. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that movie was much better the second time around. Of course this doesn’t make much sense, as it was the exact same movie. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was seeing it with my girlfriends. Or maybe it had to do with the fact that I had lower expectations the second time around. Or - and this one is more likely - I am simply crazy and thus am entitled to find a movie improved after watching it a second time around.

Whatever the reason, I had blast, as did my two friends. We voted Thranduil the coolest fighter with the coolest armor and decided that Legolas probably got all of his smoothness from his father. We also decided that hogs are not the steed of choice, but were split when determining whether riding a moose is practical or not. Two of us cried during two separate scenes but decided that that was all right because, after all, it was the last time we would ever see a LOTR Peter Jackson film in theater. We all agreed that the soundtrack was amazing, but couldn’t remember what scene the cool new music took place in or exactly what it sounded like. And we think the Party Tree grew from the acorn that Bilbo brought home from Beorn’s garden, but aren’t completely sure.

So what about you? Did you do something special when you went to see The Battle of the Five Armies? You are welcome to leave a comment any time. And don’t bother knocking!


  1. That has got to be one of the coolest way to prepare for a hobbit movie :p
    Even I went to watch the flick with my friends(after keeping on reminding them about it from the end of 2013) and although not as elaborate as yours, we did have quiz session about the Tokienian world and kept on pointing out random LOTR references and trivias to each other while the other rolled their eyes at us xD

    1. Ah! A Tolkien trivia is a good idea! Why didn't I think of that? =) Thanks for reading and commenting. =)

  2. Oh, you're a Tolkien nerd! How cool is that! So am I, as it happens :)

    I LOVE the way you and your friends celebrated the viewing of the last Hobbit movie.

    I also went with a fellow Tolkien fan friend and I think that in itself improved the experience for me. I've seen the movie 4 times, by the way. I totally agree that it felt rushed, and I felt that the Dwarf characters - save, Thorin, of course - weren't really done justice and we should have seen more of them. May I guess the character whose death you were unhappy with to be Fili? He deserved much better than that, and more lines in the movie. I was at HobbitCon this year and there were a couple of girls walking around with a banner saying "Justice for Fili". Couldn't agree more!

    1. Yay! Hobbit fans unite! That is so epic that you got to go to HobbitCon. It must have been amazing. I want to attend one before I die. =)
      And yes, you guessed it, Fili was the dwarf I was bummed about. Of all the ways he could have died, I can't believe that's the way they chose. Those girls with the banner seem like my soul mates. =) Loved reading your comment! So cool to connect with a fellow Hobbit fan.

    2. *Hobbit fans group hug*

      Oh, Hobbit Con was a blast! They have these wild parties after con hours, and you can actually mingle with the actors. The event itself is wonderful. There were great costumes all around and I loved the Middle Earth atmosphere of it.

      Yeah, I think both Fili and Kili would have been better off if their deaths had been handled according to the book. It has such a significance that they die to protect Thorin. This was... meh, they deserved better.

    3. By the way, I have some pics from HobbitCon, if you're interested

    4. Wow, Liv! That looks like so much fun! Some of those costumes were spot-on. Thanks for sharing! Made my day. =)

    5. Most welcome! Yes, it was a great event! I have a good mind to go again next year and wear my own costume :)

  3. This is FABULOUS. I probably would have dressed up if I wasn't going with my sister. She probably would have super embarrassed by me. I did dress up as Maedhros for a school project once...


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