Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 Things You Didn't Know Books Were Good For

You probably already know books are good for a lot of things. They help enhance your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. They turn you into a better writer and overall smart person...though I'm still waiting for this last one to come true for me. But here are seven things I bet you didn’t know books were good for:
  1. Books can be used as lethal weapons. Yes, books are very dangerous if you know how to use them. Jason Bourne shows us this in the Bourne Ultimatum, where he is fighting Desh and grabs a book to defend himself, later using it as a weapon. After watching this scene I suddenly had very mixed feelings about the number of books in my bedroom. On one hand, it is wonderful to have a ton of weapons lying about for self defense. However, if an ex-CIA agent with amnesia ever enters my room, it would become the perfect place for my murder. But I think I’ll take my chances.
  2. Books can be used as a treasure maps to unlimited riches. As seen in National Treasure: Book of Secrets, people DO hide clues that point to massive treasure in books and journals. I don’t know about you, but that knowledge is enough to make me go through all of the books in my local library. Who knows? I might find something that leads me towards a secret city made of gold.
  3. Books can be used to discover the key to destroying a dark lord. Remember when Hermione Granger finds the symbol of the Deathly Hallows in the book Dumbledore leaves her? Using this as a clue, they were able to destroy he-who-must-not-be-named. What used to look like innocent doodles or pencil markings in books I now think are somehow clues to the destruction of nose-less men who seek to destroy the wizards who keep us muggles safe.
  4. Books can hide the entrance to secret rooms. I’ve decided that once I become rich, either by finding a treasure map in a random book or by becoming a best-selling author, I’m going to build myself a bookcase that is actually the doorway to a top secret room. I’ll never have to worry about being bothered when I write, because nobody will be able to find me. How awesome would that be? I mean, I’ve seen this done in lots of movies, though I can’t think of the titles right now. Blame it on the Lyme. Anyway, if multi-billionaires in movies have one, then why can’t I?
  5. Books can be used to impress the bookworms in your life. If you fill an enormous room with novels and then give it to the bookworm you love, chances are they’ll wind up marrying you. At least that’s how it worked in Beauty and the Beast.
  6. Books can be used as fodder for a fire to keep you alive during catastrophic global cooling. Hey, it could happen. The movie titled The Day After Tomorrow is the perfect example of this. Had Sam and his friends not hidden out in a library with a fireplace when the storm struck, they might have frozen to death.
  7. Books can literally transport you to other worlds. I’m not gonna lie, I would love for this to happen to me. I guess when this occurred in Inkheart it didn’t work out very well since the characters in the book started running rampant about Earth, but it’s still worth a shot. Now I go and read my favorite books aloud with the hopes of being transported into its world.
All that to say you really should keep books hanging around the house. They’re good for a lot of things, some obvious and some not, and you never know when you might need them.

Can you think of any other unconventional ways books have been used? Leave a comment below! 


  1. I like your list. Here's mine:

    Secret Book Use #8: Books can hide important documents like church bulletins and the crayon drawings of a small yet important child!

    Secret Book Use #9: Books protect your face when you're sleeping!

    1. Ha! Those are great! #8 is especially true for me. I've lost pamphlets and letters in books multiple times. =)

  2. Very interesting and creative! :) okay, #10 : Book safe :)


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